Monday, 7 August 2017

How to Treat your cartilage damage effectively?

Cartilage is a connective, soft tissue found in joints between the bones comprising knee, elbow and ankles. If the joints are not damaged severely, self care can be incorporated to nullify the damage. Common remedies like using a support, giving proper rest, compressing the affected area can be considered.
For severe cartilage damage, surgery is recommended. Surgery is usually performed using Arthroscopy – a type of keyhole surgery where special instruments are inserted into the joint through small cuts (incisions), although sometimes larger incisions need to be made.

  • Lavage and Debridement – Procedure used to remove unnecessary tissues.
  • Marrow Stimulation (microfracture) – Damaged cartilage are drilled from which marrow is discharged that helps in cartilage reconstruction.
  • Mosaicplasty – Small plugs of healthy cartilage are removed and attached to the affected cartilage.
  • Osteotomy – Shine or thigh bone is cut short to alter the alignment.
  • Joint Replacement – If the damage is particularly severe, the whole knee is replaced using an artificial knee.
  • Allograft Osteochondral Transplantation (AOT) –Similar to mosaicplasty, but the replacement cartilage is obtained from a recently deceased donor, and it is used to repair larger damaged areas
  • Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI) – A sample of cartilage is taken and new cells are developed in the laboratory, which is then used to replace the damaged cartilage.
  • Artificial Scaffolds – A special patch or gel is used to repair the damaged cartilage; it may be used in combination with marrow stimulation or on its own.
Consult the surgeon for the suitable surgery procedure, the possible risks and time involved in recovery. In usual cases, for few months strenuous activities will not be advised.


Physiotherapy is helpful for difficulty in moving the joint. Post surgery, it is recommended to have a physiotherapy for fast recovery. Physiotherapist advises exercises to strengthen the muscles supporting the joint. It effectively reduces the pain and pressure on the joint.

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