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After Knee Replacement Surgery: Cautious Recovery Period

To go beyond the miles of boundaries and to flutter like a stringless kite is the dream of all men. Freedom of movement is all we aspire to. At times, to reconcile oneself to the physical impairment that might be stopping one from his dreams, it might cost him a period of the complete slump to get back to his glory. After all, the result is what it matters.

knee replacement surgery chennai

People who had been through difficult trauma physically over his/her knee would have to undergo knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement surgery is also a solution to the twinge and inflammation caused due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, knee deformity causing loss of cartilage and bones. Knee replacement surgery replaces the weight bearing surfaces of the knee with an implanted artificial knee. 

What requires us to provide extra care and caution after the surgery during the recovery period. Usually, patients are advised to take a rest of 1 week after the surgery before he/she could stand on their feet. The novel surgery procedures at Rathi Med Speciality Hospital helps you get back on your feet within 24 hours of the surgery without external support. Other physical supports are provided with crutches, walking stick etc if required till the patient gets cosy with his new knee environment. 

The patient can recover to the fullest within 2 weeks of the surgery, allowing a knee turning radius of 120 degrees. The traditional methods of surgery do not allow a fast and painless recovery as of ours. The painkillers used are also less. The knee replacement surgery show extremely low revision rates for 6-10 years. We provide physical therapies after the surgery in order to strengthen the knee and to widen the range of motion of the knee. In many cases of discomfort or difficulty after the surgery, we advise to reach out Rathi Med Speciality Hospitals, for the expert panel of doctors can help you get the relief to the maximum without further complications. Our hospital also provides the best Knee Arthroscopy in Chennai.

knee replacement surgery chennai

Being the best in knee replacement surgeries and the knee replacement recovery assistance in Tamil Nadu, we promise to provide the best treatments in the shortest span of time with no difficulties.
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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Care To Be Taken After Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

The shoulder is one of the largest and movable joints of the body. It is a ball like a socket that joints the humerus and scapula. The ball-like socket is covered with ligaments, tendons, muscles, tissues, and cartilages which help the easy movement of the joint. Being one of the most movable joints of the body a shoulder can rotate in different ways. But if it gets, moved in the wrong direction, it can create serious problems.

Some of the common shoulder related problems are:
  • Arthritis
  • Dislocation
  • Rotating cuff problem
  • frozen shoulder
  • Nerve-related issues.
Shoulder Arthroscopy in Chennai

A shoulder injury mostly occurs due to the breakage of the ligaments and soft tissues or dislocation of the ball from the socket. In most of the severe cases, surgery is the only option to fix the shoulder joint. The modern arthroscopy keyhole surgical procedure is a minimally invasive low-risk surgery that is used to fix shoulder joint. Despite being a minimally invasive surgery, there are certain post-surgery instructions that need to be followed religiously.

Post-surgery care that needs to be followed

Post-surgery many types of medications are prescribed which includes pain relief medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, swell control drugs and so on. Other important things include:
  • Activity- Your operated arm needs to be rested in a sling. The sling needs to be kept for at least 6 weeks. You can do simple pendulum exercises after a few days to keep the arm mobility.
  • Constipation- It is the  common side effect of pain medications. You will be provided with a new dietary plan to keep yourself healthy and fit for the next 1 month. Drinking lots of water is crucial.
  • Ice Compress- The doctor will recommend you to apply an ice pack to minimize swelling and pain.
  • Dressing- Proper dressing is recommended for at least 3 days to keep the wound clean and dry. After this, you can have a bath but soaking in a pool or tub is strictly restricted.

Shoulder Arthroscopy in Chennai

RathiMed Speciality Hospital is the best Orthopaedic Hospital in Chennai. The hospital offers various kinds of treatments and solutions for different orthopaedic problems. Here special care is given to every patient.

For Shoulder Arthroscopy in Chennai, visit RathiMed Speciality Hospital. 
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Scope Of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgeries are one of the most popular surgeries conducted in the orthopaedic department. Knee replacement is also known as arthroplasty, which involves the replacement of the knee bone with an artificial metal ball or plastic. This surgery helps to bring back the normal functions of the knee and helps to get rid of intense pain. 

Scope of knee replacement surgery

The knee replacement surgery is the only permanent solution that helps you to get rid of damaged knee. Generally, when traditional medicines and treatment don’t work, these surgeries are conducted. Now the question is what conditions can be treated through this knee replacement surgery?

  • Knee injuries- For any kind of severe knee injuries, knee replacement is the best option. Sometimes, the ligaments and bones of the knee get permanently damaged due to some injury. In that case, knee replacement will help you to get back to normal life.
  • Osteoarthritis- When the cartilages present in the knee area gets damaged due to age, knee replacement is conducted.
  • Knee deformities- Some children are born with deformed legs. This kind of bow shaped legs or knocked legs can be treated with knee replacement surgery. 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis- When the knee lining gets damaged because of low immunity system, this surgery is helpful.
  • Lack of blood flow- Sometimes diseases can cease the blood flow to the knee area. This results in severe pain while walking and can permanently damage your knees. In that case knee replacement will help to normalise the functions of the knee.

Where should you go for knee replacement?

You can get the best knee replacement surgery from Rathi Med multi-speciality Hospital. This hospital is headed by Dr N Ragunathan. Rathi Med multi-speciality hospital is providing numerous bone and joint surgery options at affordable packages. Our speciality is artificial joint replacement surgery & bone reconstruction.

Our aim is to give you complete freedom from joint pain. We are providing the best knee replacement surgery in Chennai. We have a team of experienced orthopaedic doctors Chennai, who keeps on updating themselves with advanced treatment procedures and modern technology. 

Once you visit our hospital, you can feel the difference.
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All About Sports Injury And Its Management

Being healthy and active has several advantages but sports and games comes with the risk of injuries. Though there are several precautions that one can take while involving in any sports or games, but accidents can happen at any time. So one should always know the basic steps to be taken in the event of any injury.

In the event of any sports injury mostly muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons are the first things to get affected and torn. The first step that you should take is 'immediately consult a physician or expert' to conduct a basic diagnosis. Sports injury are mainly of two types- 
  • Acute injury that leads to bruises and sprain in body
  • Overuse injuries that lead to breakage of bones, joints and muscles.

Now let's check what the different types of injuries people often have been.

sports injury treatments chennai

Common injuries that sports people often go through

  • Ankle and joint Sprain Injury- Sprains occur when the tissues, ligaments and tendons get stretched and torn. Sprains can happen in ankles, knees and wrist.
  • Knee injury like ACL Tear- This happens when the important ligaments of the knee joint get torn due to sudden stress, blow or twist.
  • Fractures- Bone fractures are one of the most common sports injuries. If there is a direct blow or twist on the bones, the bone can break or get dislocated from its actual position. Surgery is the best option to treat fractures.
  • Groin Pull- The inner thigh muscle can get highly affected by side-to-side motion. The bruising in the muscle is treated with ice compression and it might take up to 4 weeks to recover.
  • Tennis elbow.

What is done as a very first step?

For most of the injuries putting ice compression and using splints and elastic wraps are the best treatment option. But if the injury is an acute one, a surgical procedure is the last option. 

sports injury treatments chennai

Best sports injury care in India

RathiMed Speciality Hospital offers the best sports injury treatment in Chennai at an affordable rate. As the hospital is mostly famous for its orthopedic department, it aims at providing high-class treatment options for the patients. The hospital further aims at curing its patients completely within a short period of time. 

For further details on treatments, book an appointment!

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Monday, 11 February 2019

Difference Between Mechanical Knee Replacement And Kinematic Knee Replacement

Those who’re experiencing remorseless knee pain for a few months or years- and nothing seem to alleviate the pain; it may be time to consider a total knee replacement. When it’s time to research your options for total knee replacement surgery, you’ll come across traditional or mechanical alignment and kinematic knee replacement. 

Everywhere, take any fields, the debate is always the same. “We do it the traditional way since its safe and that is the way we have always done It.” the new ways are not time tested. And, we don’t know what exactly it is.”

In medicine and surgery, no matter what the advancements may be, these arguments are always used to delay the magnanimous march toward efficiency and quality. We already know the answer—but the road to it is full of potholes.
Knee joint replacement India

You may be familiar with a mechanical alignment of knee replacement, so let’s start with that one first.

What is mechanical alignment of a total knee replacement?

When you have total knee replacement surgery (also known as a total knee arthroplasty (TKA)), an implant will be placed where your knee is to replace, what’s worn out and give your knee a second life. A mechanically aligned TKA places the implant in an “average” position for all patients.
Unfortunately, not everyone’s knees and bodies are alike; a mechanically aligned total knee replacement often changes the natural alignment of both your knee and your leg itself. In the last decade or so, many studies have questioned the strive to mechanical alignment of knee may pose some problems related to ligament misbalancing that could explain the high rate of disappointed patients, almost 20–25%, in several reports. According to current orthopaedic research, patients with mechanically aligned total knee replacements also complain of pain, stiffness, and instability despite having the surgical intervention.

So How Does Kinematically Aligned Approach To Knee Replacements Differ From Mechanical Knee Replacement?

Kinematic alignment is a departure from the normal paradigm of how a standard knee replacement is performed. Kinematic alignment considers the 3D alignment of the components with respect to the knee instead of the 2D alignment of as in the case of mechanical alignment. They developed an instrumentation system that complemented the implant by permitting the ligaments to function under normal tension during the full range of motion, which lessened stresses on motion interfaces and fixation.

In this innovative insertional technique, no longer are they placing the knee in a position that we formally considered “average,” rather they are restoring the knee to the most natural position for its ligament and muscular structure. In kinematic alignment, the implant is custom positioned right on the joint line of your knee to help naturally align your knee with your implant. Moreover, kinematically alignment uses caliper measurements to adjust the position of the implants to within 1/2 of a millimeter. These adjustments are much more precise than navigational and robotics instruments, which are used to perform mechanic alignment.

Kinematically aligned TKA also restores natural pre-arthritic joint lines of the knee. The procedure allows the knee to go in the range of motion the way nature meant and most importantly, patients who have had this after conventional knee replacement say it feels like a normal knee and less artificial. The kinematically aligned patients reported considerably better function and bending of the knee when compared to patients who chose a traditional alignment. The kinematically aligned TKA patients also reported that their knee returned back to normal, reasonably quickly after surgery. So good news is you’ll enjoy a shorter recovery time i.e. you will be driving a car within a month of surgery.

Moreover, they are also minimally invasive surgical procedure a very low risk of complications and with a low risk of infection.  The kinematically aligned TKA surgery itself is short and typically takes less than 1 hour. And 80% of patients need only one overnight stay in a hospital. What about readmission rate? Remarkably low.

More good news is, the implant survival is at six and may be up to nine years which are also equivalent or better than mechanical knee replacements. That indicates this investment in your knee will last just as long, if not longer, than traditional methods.

When it comes to having a total knee replacement, the choice is now quite clear. And, now you have a better idea of the differences between a mechanical alignment and a kinematically aligned one, there’s one more thing you’ll need to figure out: finding the right surgeon.

kinematic knee replacement in chennai

Locate A Surgeon With Experience

While some surgeons have experience with mechanically aligned knee replacements, not all surgeons have the knowledge and skill to perform a kinematically aligned one. That’s why it’s important to choose a surgeon with experience handling this type of procedure specifically. Selecting the right surgeon is what makes all the difference.

Rathi Med, a multi specialty hospital for Orthopaedic and Obstetrics & Gynaecology services is located in Anna Nagar, Chennai. The hospital also provides effective services in paediatrics, general medicine & surgery and also attends to medical emergencies. As a center for Joint Reconstruction, the hospital specializes on Artificial Joint Replacement Surgery of Hip, Knee joint replacement India, Management of Arthritis and Arthroscopic & Sports Injury Management, Spine Injury. kinematic knee replacement in chennai is performed only at Rathimed Hospital in the Indian subcontinent.

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Friday, 27 July 2018

Multiple Ligament Injury Reconstruction: Rathi Med Hospitals Takes The Best Care

High-speed road accidents and injuries are the primary reasons for multiple ligament tear which demand reconstruction. Multiple ligament reconstruction requires proper diagnosis and expert surgeons on board to complete the surgery successfully. The procedure also requires post-operative care to take down the chances of infection and further complications. Rathi Med care, with its eminent array of specialized orthopaedic doctors and technicians, helps you get your injuries and scars getaway in a sparkle of time.

multiple ligament injury reconstruction in India

Multiple ligament injury reconstructions in India has been made easy through the correction surgery. Multiple ligament injuries occur when at least 2 of the four ligaments get torn, dislocated or injured.  Multiple knee ligament injuries are very challenging and difficult for both the doctor and patient. As it requires strenuous efforts to get them corrected for the doctors, intense pain and thresholds has to be met by the patient. 

More often, along with the ligament injuries, concomitant or accompanying injuries like nerve injuries, bruises, vascular injuries, massive soft-tissue damage can too occur. Rathi Med Hospitals, the best orthopaedic hospital in Chennai, take care of these by the efficient- pocket-friendly treatments. We do believe that the first step towards the cure is the earliest, precise and accurate diagnosis. Detailed examinations using the physical examinations by the doctor, X-Rays, MRI, Angiography and stress radiographs are conducted to come to the right conclusion about the ligament injury and to come up with the best solution for the same.

multiple ligament injury reconstruction in India

Surgical treatments are often chosen for the multiple ligament reconstruction. Effective and relaxing post-operative rehabilitation is also required which are made easy and simple by the Rathi Med Hospitals. Multiple ligament reconstruction surgeries require a recovery period of about 9-12 months on a regular basis. It will be common for the patient to experience knee stiffness and swelling in the following days of the reconstructive surgery. In cases of serious side effects and illness, do not hesitate or delay to reach out Rathi Med Hospitals.

We, the most trusted name in ligament injury treatments in India helps you get to pass through the painful phase through easiness and comfort.

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Saturday, 9 June 2018

A Novel Solution To Fight Against Osteoarthritis

We hear many of our loved ones complaining about arthritis and the severe pain at the joints , specially, at the knee. Many of them even complain after knee replacement surgery that it is not giving 'that' natural movement. This is because most of us are not aware of the various other treatments for osteoarthritis. Here's a brief description about the benefits of one of the novel knee replacement treatments, kinematic knee replacement treatment.


What is a kinematic knee replacement?

Before going to the benefits of kinematic knee replacement, let's see what a kinematic knee replacement is.
Kinematic knee replacement is a procedure where the implant is positioned in such a way that it is in line with the natural bending axis of the leg, thigh and kneecap bones. The extent of wear due to arthritis is calculated so that the implant can shape match the bone surface. There is no ligament release involved in this technique thus the ligament function is not affected.

Why kinematic knee replacement?

Kinematic knee replacement is not quite a familiar term and many of you might be wondering as to why you should opt such a treatment for osteoarthritis. Here's why.
  • Preserves your bone and ligament which facilitates a better implant fit and its alignment.
  • Blood loss and post operative pain is comparatively far less in kinematic knee replacement.
  • The recovery takes place at a faster rate.
  • You get a more natural feel of motion after the recovery.
  • Better flexion to enable natural kneeling.

Why should you choose kinematic knee replacement over the traditional method?

The ligament called the medial collateral ligament and posterior cruciate remains unaffected during kinematic knee replacement. This is definitely an advantage as these ligaments when released lead to pain, imbalance and even instability.. In the traditional knee replacement surgery, medial collateral ligament is released to correct deformity and the posterior cruciate is cut depending on surgeon’s preference. This is why the traditional method does not provide that natural knee movement that any patient would desire.

In the kinematic knee alignment, the surgical procedure of each patient is specifically planned in advance. There are specialized instruments that are used to make bony cuts for restoring the knee to its former alignment (pre-arthritic). There are many techniques included in the kinematic knee replacement procedure. 

Are you planning to get your knee fixed? Searching for the best knee joint replacement in India? Then, do visit, Rathi Medical Speciality Hospital, for the best kinematic knee replacement in Chennai at the most affordable price.
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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Know About Sports Injury Care & Play Confidently

Sports injuries happen commonly in athletes at a professional level. Minor injuries can easily be treated. But, sudden and major injuries need immediate surgical intervention. Most of the sports injuries are caused by repetitive overuse of muscle, tendons, and ligaments.
best sports injury care in Chennai

What are the common sports injuries?

Muscles strain, sprain, fractures, joint dislocation, shin splints are the common sports injuries. Depends on the kind of injury, the healing time would take from weeks to months for recovery. Generally, they will be kept on conventional treatments such as painkillers, hot/cold fomentation, elastic wraps, splints, and resting. Minor Sports injuries are corrected with proper medication, exercises from physiotherapy. The gentle exercises are taught by the physiotherapists to stimulate the movement in the injured area. Once the pain starts to decline, strengthening and stretching exercises are imparted to the injured person. Until the recovery time, the guidance of physiotherapy is important.

Injuries & its classifications

Acute injuries: They occur from sudden activities. Immediately the person will experience pain and loss of function.

Chronic injuries: It starts with the acute injury and reoccurs as a result of weakness in the injured area or inadequate rehabilitation after injury.
Overuse injuries: Excessive and repeated use of same joint, bone, and muscle cause such injuries

Symptoms of sports injury

  • Based on the causes of injury symptoms vary
  • Injuries like a torn muscle will not be visible whereas knee, any joints dislocations are quite visible
  • Mostly pain stands as the first sign of injury
  • Loss of mobility at the injured area
  • Swelling associated with nausea, giddiness
Sports Injury management involves identifying an injury, treating it completely and returning to the sport. It is quite important to note that athletes had adequate rehabilitation before returning to their field. If the condition is not properly cared, then the injury would turn worst.

sports injury treatments in Chennai

How to prevent the sports injury?

Wear protective equipment: Players should wear and properly fit in with pads in elbow, chest, neck, shoulder, mouthpieces, protective cups, eyewear, and face guards.
Muscle strengthening: Toning the muscle is vital to avoid pain
Promote flexibility: Stretching exercises after play will increase body’s flexibility.
Avoid heat: Keep hydrated the body with water, fluids to increase the blood circulation, flexibility and escape from dryness.

Rathimed specialty hospital provides the best Sports Injury Treatments in Chennai. A wide range of treatment options are provided to cure sports injuries and it is being the Best Sports Injury Care in Chennai with a team of qualified sports injury professionals.
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Monday, 5 February 2018

No More Killing Joint Pain With Joint Arthritis Treatment Chennai

Arthritis is very common in India and it is the leading cause of disability in America. Basically, arthritis is an inflammation of the joints that can affect either one or multiple joints. There is a long range of arthritis found with different causes and treatment methods. If we express the variation in the numerical figure it may cross more than 100 types.

Arthritis is just not a single or sole disease; it is another way to refer joint pain or joint disease. Different forms of arthritis, for instance, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus can damage multiple organs and also there is a possibility that more than one form of arthritis can occur at the same time. Arthritis is a broad term that is used to describe rheumatic diseases and conditions that affect joints and tissues that surround the joint. It may affect the knee, hip, wrist, elbow, ankle or shoulder joint.
joint arthritis

Rathi Med Speciality Hospital, best orthopedic hospital in Chennai provides excellent treatment options for Joint Arthritis with keen observation of visible symptoms at affordable cost. Rathimed Hospital has a huge team of well efficient doctors and staffs to give the best care to patients.

Some evidence, existence, and Facts related to arthritis:-
The time period and visibility of its symptoms are unexpected that can be visible in any piece of time i.e., quick or sudden or with a long period, also it is not important that it will always persist over time. It can affect any age, women are more prone to it.
joint arthritis

Signs and Symptoms of arthritis:-
Arthritis varies by its type, location, reason or cause, but some major signs are:-
  • Joint Pain: Pain can shift from one place to other as well constant or intermittent.
  • Swelling: Swelling causing inflammation and redness, warmth and tenderness can be seen in some types of arthritis.
  • Stiffness: Stiffness occurs in increasing rates in the body especially affected areas and the person gets trouble in their daily small course of doing activities.
  • Difficulty moving a joint
Arthritis can also be treated with several ways such as medications, rest, exercise, hot and cold therapy, intake fatty acids in diet like more omega-3 fatty acids in the diet and surgery.
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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Are you suffering from shoulder pain??? We can help you to get out of it....

Our shoulder is made up of upper arm bone (humerus), shoulder blade (scapula) and collarbone(clavicle).  Arthroscopy is a treatment procedure used to inspect, diagnose and repair problems inside a joint.  
Shoulder Arthroscopy that performed with RathiMed Specialty Hospital is the best shoulder arthroscopy treatment in Chennai. The hospital is very particular in providing quality care to the patients.  

When Shoulder Arthroscopy needed?

Arthroscopy will be suggested if the painful condition of the shoulder does not respond to non-surgical treatments.  The reason behind most of the shoulder problems is injury, overuse and age-related problems.  Shoulder arthroscopy may relieve painful conditions that damage the rotator cuff tendons, labrum, articular cartilage and other soft tissues surrounding the joint.  
Common Arthroscopic Procedures
  • Bone spur removal
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Repair of ligaments
  • Removal or repair of labrum
  • Removal of inflamed tissue or loose cartilage

Diagnosis of Shoulder Problems

Performing physical examination and viewing medical images and asking to perform certain simple movements to assess muscle strength, joint motion and stability are the most common methods to evaluate the shoulders.  

How is Arthroscopy Performed?

After giving general anesthesia, the surgeon inserts the arthroscope into the shoulder through a small incision.  The arthroscope is connected to a     video monitor in the operating room.  Inspects for all tissues of the shoulder joint and area above the joint and repair the damaged tissues.  

Recovery after Arthroscopy

Several weeks are needed to heal from surgery and restricted arm movements for some time.  An arm sling will be provided at that time.  The physical therapist will help to move the arm at first and suitable exercises will be suggested.  After about six months the functional movement and strength will be regained.  


Avoiding repetitive overhead movements may help to prevent certain conditions from worsening.  It is better to follow the doctor’s suggestion for weightlifting or motion restriction.
RathiMed Specialty Hospital is known for its orthopedic services.  Dr. Ragunathan is the founder and the chief surgeon of the hospital.  He is famous for his expertise as a surgeon.  The hospital is aided by latest infrastructure and facilities.


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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Help Your Knees With Advanced Knee Replacement Surgery

Do feel difficulty in moving your knees?? You have already tried medicine and physical therapy, but nothing seems to work then, Knee Replacement Surgery can help you…. 
Knee replacement surgery or arthroplasty is the most advanced surgical procedure which replaces the damaged or diseased knee joint with an artificial joint.When arthritis occurs ability to bend and flex your knees can become uncomfortable due to the damaged knee joint. Over time the damage progress and become more difficult.it is always better to do Knee Replacement Surgery. Severe arthritis pain can also be solved by Knee replacement surgery.
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid Arthritis is a condition when the body's immune system attacks and destroys the lining of the knee. 
Deformities: People with deformities like bowed legs or "known-knees" often get surgery to restore the position of the knee.
 Knee Injuries: Broken bone or ligaments around the knee result in arthritis that causes pain and uncomfortable movement of the knee. 
Loss of blood Flow: Doctors will recommend surgery for condition causes when blood stops flowing to the bones. 
Types of Knee Replacement surgery 
In this type surgery, both sides of knee joints are replaced, it is the most common procedure. This type of surgery lasts for mainly 1 to 3 hours.In the Total knee, replacement surgery has less pain and better mobility.
The partial knee replacement replaces only one side of the knee joint.in this type replacement, the incision will be smaller but it does not last as long as a total replacement. This type of surgery is suitable for people who have damaged only one of their knee. The hospital stay and recovery period are shorter in this case. 
Rathi Med, a Specialty Hospital, famous for Orthopedic and Obstetrics & Gynecology services, provides knee replacement surgery with most advanced techniques in affordable rates. 
For more details:
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Monday, 7 August 2017

How to Treat your cartilage damage effectively?

Cartilage is a connective, soft tissue found in joints between the bones comprising knee, elbow and ankles. If the joints are not damaged severely, self care can be incorporated to nullify the damage. Common remedies like using a support, giving proper rest, compressing the affected area can be considered.
For severe cartilage damage, surgery is recommended. Surgery is usually performed using Arthroscopy – a type of keyhole surgery where special instruments are inserted into the joint through small cuts (incisions), although sometimes larger incisions need to be made.


  • Lavage and Debridement – Procedure used to remove unnecessary tissues.
  • Marrow Stimulation (microfracture) – Damaged cartilage are drilled from which marrow is discharged that helps in cartilage reconstruction.
  • Mosaicplasty – Small plugs of healthy cartilage are removed and attached to the affected cartilage.
  • Osteotomy – Shine or thigh bone is cut short to alter the alignment.
  • Joint Replacement – If the damage is particularly severe, the whole knee is replaced using an artificial knee.
  • Allograft Osteochondral Transplantation (AOT) –Similar to mosaicplasty, but the replacement cartilage is obtained from a recently deceased donor, and it is used to repair larger damaged areas
  • Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI) – A sample of cartilage is taken and new cells are developed in the laboratory, which is then used to replace the damaged cartilage.
  • Artificial Scaffolds – A special patch or gel is used to repair the damaged cartilage; it may be used in combination with marrow stimulation or on its own.
Consult the surgeon for the suitable surgery procedure, the possible risks and time involved in recovery. In usual cases, for few months strenuous activities will not be advised.


Physiotherapy is helpful for difficulty in moving the joint. Post surgery, it is recommended to have a physiotherapy for fast recovery. Physiotherapist advises exercises to strengthen the muscles supporting the joint. It effectively reduces the pain and pressure on the joint.

Rathi Med hospital a well known  Orthopaedic hospital in chenai Hospital islead by Dr.N.Ragunathan who is one of the best orthopaedic surgeon in chennai provides best cartilage damage Treatment in chennai
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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How to Get Rid of Wrist Pain

  Wrist is a joint made up of eight small bones called carpals. These small bones are arranged between in two rows between the bones in the hand and forearm. They support the tube called carpal tunnel which runs through the wrist. This tube which is covered by ligaments has tendons and nerves inside, supports the wrist and hold it in place.
Causes of Wrist Disorders
    Wrist pain is common because damage to any parts of the wrist can cause pain and affect the ability to use the wrist. Activities like typing, sewing which needs the repetitive motion of the wrist can cause pain, the following are other common causes for wrist pain:
  • Arthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Gout and pseudo gout

Symptoms of Wrist Disorders
    Symptoms of wrist pain depends upon the degree of the disorder. The following are some common symptoms of wrist disorders:
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Stiffness in the wrist
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Trouble when gripping objects
  • Clicking sound when moving the wrist
  • These mild symptoms may get worse as time goes on without treatment.
Treatment for Wrist Disorders
    The treatment for wrist disorder depends on its severity and cause, the following are some of the least invasive treatment given by doctor before suggesting a surgery:
  • Pain medication
  • Wearing splint to reduce squeezing of the nerve
  • Wrist exercises
  • Physiotherapy
  • Cortisone injections which reduce pain and decrease inflammation
    Rathi Med Hospital based in Anna Nagar is a specialty hospital famous for Orthopedic, Obstetrics and Gynecology services. The orthopedic department of hospital is specialized in various advanced and latest treatment technologies like Artificial Joint Replacement Surgery of Hip & Knee, Arthroscopic and Sports injury management and Management of Arthritis. The Hospital also provides the best and effective treatment for Wrist Disorders in Chennai with advanced infrastructure and technique.

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