Thursday, 29 October 2015

Free Orthopedic Consultation Program

Rathi Med Specialty hospital offers a free Orthopedic consultation for senior Citizens who's above the age of 60. Contact us for more details.

* Registration fees are not included in offer

* Prior Appointment Required

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Orthopedic Specialist in Chennai

In India the comparing to other nations here is a lot of people getting problems with Orthopedic diseases. It may related with the lifestyle of people or because of any accidents. Human musculo-skeletal system is very complicated. just a shake can make bigger problems.
Mainly orthopedic diseases like Arthritis are wake up after the age of 40 and above. but now a days we seems it appears even in children.

Orthopedic diseases can be cured by a well experienced doctor with a well equipped hospital. We Rathi Med Specialty Hospital Chennai offer the perfect orthopedic care for all kind of Orthopedic Treatments in Chennai - Tamil Nadu. Our Doctor Raghunandan is a well experienced orthopedic specialist in India. Visit our website for more information and ask a question to him