Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Spinal Injury Management

An injury to spine is always considered life threatening, so immediate medical attention is critical to minimize the effects of any head or neck trauma. People always have an image of open surgery with long incisions and deformations when they think about spine surgery.

With the vast development in technology, minimally invasive spine surgeries are made possible. This is done by making small incisions that does not cut or rupture tissues surrounding the bone, facilitating early healing.

Types of Spine Surgery:
Spine surgery has various forms such as micro discectomy, scoliosis correction, spine stabilisation, fracture stabilisation and decompression. Micro discectomy is done in cases of extreme persistent and disabling pain which are not cured by rest, medicine or by physiotherapy rehabilitation. This is used for speedy recovery of nerve root pain.
Spine stabilisation is done for treating vertebrae degeneration that occurs because of its inability to bear physiological load. This causes an increased movement in between vertebrae. This can be cured by a spinal fusion surgery that would take about three months for the bones to fuse together. Stability is ensured by wearing a brace. Simplified spine surgeries are now done even in the case of fractures, tumours and osteoporosis.
Scoliosis refers to a condition where an abnormal bending in the spine is detected. Scoliosis correction is done by performing a surgery that attaches screws and bones taken from other parts of the body like thighs, to straighten the bend bone. This surgery is performed when the spine is bend at an angle of 40 degree or more and continues to progress. It is effective in reforming bend spine.  

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