Saturday, 9 June 2018

A Novel Solution To Fight Against Osteoarthritis

We hear many of our loved ones complaining about arthritis and the severe pain at the joints , specially, at the knee. Many of them even complain after knee replacement surgery that it is not giving 'that' natural movement. This is because most of us are not aware of the various other treatments for osteoarthritis. Here's a brief description about the benefits of one of the novel knee replacement treatments, kinematic knee replacement treatment.

What is a kinematic knee replacement?

Before going to the benefits of kinematic knee replacement, let's see what a kinematic knee replacement is.
Kinematic knee replacement is a procedure where the implant is positioned in such a way that it is in line with the natural bending axis of the leg, thigh and kneecap bones. The extent of wear due to arthritis is calculated so that the implant can shape match the bone surface. There is no ligament release involved in this technique thus the ligament function is not affected.

Why kinematic knee replacement?

Kinematic knee replacement is not quite a familiar term and many of you might be wondering as to why you should opt such a treatment for osteoarthritis. Here's why.
  • Preserves your bone and ligament which facilitates a better implant fit and its alignment.
  • Blood loss and post operative pain is comparatively far less in kinematic knee replacement.
  • The recovery takes place at a faster rate.
  • You get a more natural feel of motion after the recovery.
  • Better flexion to enable natural kneeling.

Why should you choose kinematic knee replacement over the traditional method?

The ligament called the medial collateral ligament and posterior cruciate remains unaffected during kinematic knee replacement. This is definitely an advantage as these ligaments when released lead to pain, imbalance and even instability.. In the traditional knee replacement surgery, medial collateral ligament is released to correct deformity and the posterior cruciate is cut depending on surgeon’s preference. This is why the traditional method does not provide that natural knee movement that any patient would desire.

In the kinematic knee alignment, the surgical procedure of each patient is specifically planned in advance. There are specialized instruments that are used to make bony cuts for restoring the knee to its former alignment (pre-arthritic). There are many techniques included in the kinematic knee replacement procedure. 

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