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Know About Sports Injury Care & Play Confidently

Sports injuries happen commonly in athletes at a professional level. Minor injuries can easily be treated. But, sudden and major injuries need immediate surgical intervention. Most of the sports injuries are caused by repetitive overuse of muscle, tendons, and ligaments.
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What are the common sports injuries?

Muscles strain, sprain, fractures, joint dislocation, shin splints are the common sports injuries. Depends on the kind of injury, the healing time would take from weeks to months for recovery. Generally, they will be kept on conventional treatments such as painkillers, hot/cold fomentation, elastic wraps, splints, and resting. Minor Sports injuries are corrected with proper medication, exercises from physiotherapy. The gentle exercises are taught by the physiotherapists to stimulate the movement in the injured area. Once the pain starts to decline, strengthening and stretching exercises are imparted to the injured person. Until the recovery time, the guidance of physiotherapy is important.

Injuries & its classifications

Acute injuries: They occur from sudden activities. Immediately the person will experience pain and loss of function.

Chronic injuries: It starts with the acute injury and reoccurs as a result of weakness in the injured area or inadequate rehabilitation after injury.
Overuse injuries: Excessive and repeated use of same joint, bone, and muscle cause such injuries

Symptoms of sports injury

  • Based on the causes of injury symptoms vary
  • Injuries like a torn muscle will not be visible whereas knee, any joints dislocations are quite visible
  • Mostly pain stands as the first sign of injury
  • Loss of mobility at the injured area
  • Swelling associated with nausea, giddiness
Sports Injury management involves identifying an injury, treating it completely and returning to the sport. It is quite important to note that athletes had adequate rehabilitation before returning to their field. If the condition is not properly cared, then the injury would turn worst.

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How to prevent the sports injury?

Wear protective equipment: Players should wear and properly fit in with pads in elbow, chest, neck, shoulder, mouthpieces, protective cups, eyewear, and face guards.
Muscle strengthening: Toning the muscle is vital to avoid pain
Promote flexibility: Stretching exercises after play will increase body’s flexibility.
Avoid heat: Keep hydrated the body with water, fluids to increase the blood circulation, flexibility and escape from dryness.

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