Sunday, 21 August 2016

First Time In India - Kinematic Knee Replacement In Chennai

Kinematic knee replacement technique is the latest technology which was introduced for the first time in India by Rathi Med Hospital. The hospital is best for performing knee replacement in Chennai.
What is Kinematic knee replacement?
This is the technique which uses customized and precise alignment methodologies to suit the anatomy of each person. Thus this replacement technique does not cause any changes to the natural alignment of knee. If we are using conventional knee replacement surgeries, it will take more time to get recovered and also the patient need to use painkillers to alleviate postoperative pain. Nevertheless, some surgeries can also cause instability. Kinematic knee replacement keeps away all these consequence.
  • Postoperative pain is less
  • Patient can walk without any support
  • This procedure is free from complications
  • The knee can be bended properly within 2 weeks from the surgery
  • No need to use pain killers
  • Optimum functionality of the knee can be achieved
  • Recovery period is very low
Various studies have made it clear that patients can achieve good flexibility and better functionality by undergoing this Kinematic knee replacement.

Rathi Med Speciality Hospital is the pioneer in introducing kinematic knee replacement technique in India.

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