Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Treating Knee Disorders with Knee Replacement Surgery

The inability to move as you wish is quite irritating and tends to affect the quality of your life. When knee pain and discomfort reaches to a point where you are not able to perform daily activities without having to battle pain, realise it’s time to get expert help. Knee replacement surgery is the most common joint surgery conducted today, across the globe.

Knee replacement surgery is often relied on when other treatment methods such as medication and physical therapy fails to bring the desired comfort. The surgery is carried out by removing the damaged part of the knee to replace it with a prosthesis made of inert metal or plastic. In case the whole knee is damaged, total knee replacement is done.


Scope of knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is carried out to overcome age related wear and tear, diseases associated with knee joints or to correct an injury or trauma to the knee caused by an accident. The different diseases that warrant knee replacement surgery are as follows: -
  • Osteoarthritis – an age related condition caused due to wear and tear, it is one of the main reasons for knee replacement surgery.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – caused due to an immune system disorder leading to immune system attacking the cells of knee lining.
  • Injuries to knee – torn ligaments and broken bones that can be very painful are treated with knee replacement surgery.
  • Deformities – the surgery is used in cases of deformities such as bowed legs.

Types of knee replacement surgery

The different types of knee replacement surgery available today are as follows: -
  • Partial knee replacement – here only the damaged part of the knee is replaced.
  • Total knee replacement – the most commonly done surgery it replaces the whole knee with prosthesis.
  • Kinematic knee replacement – an advanced and improved form of knee replacement surgery, it is highly successful in enabling free movement and curing pain. It was first designed and performed at Rathi Med Specialty Hospital.
Rathi Med Specialty Hospital is a leading orthopaedic centre based in Chennai offering advanced and effective treatment procedures for orthopaedic disorders.


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