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Restore Your Normal Life Back Through Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery is a highly effective way of eliminating joint pain, correcting a deformity, and helping improve the patient’s mobility (movement). Joint replacement surgery is also performed to treat advanced arthritis.

People who are considered for joint replacement surgery often have severe joint pain, stiffness, limping, muscle weakness, limited motion, and swelling. Depending on the joint that is affected and the amount of damage that has already taken place, the patient may have trouble performing day-to-day activities such as walking, putting on socks and shoes, getting in and out of cars, and climbing stairs.

When your joints or cartilage get worn out or damaged, the doctor will recommend a joint replacement surgery. The damaged one will be replaced by a new one, thus allowing getting back to an active lifestyle and carrying out routine activities. Acute pain in the knee, hip, and shoulder can be eliminated when these joints are replaced through this surgery.

Joint Replacement Surgeries

1) Minimal Invasive Joint Replacement
In this surgery, an incision of length less than 10 centimetres is made along the knee. Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery also spares the quadriceps muscles by mid or sub vastus approach. As a result, this type of surgery has its own advantages such as smaller incisions, minimal blood loss, and reduced pre and post operative pain. It requires only a minimum of one to two days of hospital stay and rehabilitation periods.

2) Partial Joint Replacement – Patella ( Knee Cap ), Uni Compartment

Uni compartmental knee replacement also known as partial knee replacement is a procedure where only the damaged compartment is replaced and the healthy bone and cartilage are left untouched. This is beneficial to patients with osteoarthritis as only one part of the knee is being operated at a particular given time. In future, if total joint replacement is needed, it is easier to revise it, thus avoiding bigger revision surgeries.

3) Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement

In this case, the hip joint is replaced with an implant or prosthesis enabling improved mobility and regular activities of the patient. In a minimally invasive procedure, a short incision is made and muscle conservation approach is done. This type of procedure is ideally suitable for individuals who are not obese and have a BMI less than 30 and for patients using uncemented femoral prosthesis.

At  Rathi Med, a skin incision of less than 10 cms is made and a muscle conserving approach is made to reach the deeper hip joint. This approach allows early recovery and mobilization due to less pain and better muscle function.

4) Modular Hemi Arthroplasty and Total Joint Replacement

The articular cartilage is a smooth substance that allows easy frictionless movement.

The Joint Replacement is divided into these three categories based on the patient's need
  • Hemiarthroplasty – Half joint replacement, where only the humeral head is replaced, is carried out in fracture involving humeral head where the head is too damaged to save.
  • Total shoulder joint replacement- It involves replacement of humeral head and glenoid articular surface. When a patient is suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or broken bones near the arm or shoulder, torn tissues, and tumour in and around the shoulder this type of surgery is recommended. The best possible function of the arm is restored and damaged joint surfaces are replaced with artificial surfaces.
  • Reverse Shoulder Arthritis secondary to long standing rotator cuff damage may undergo reverse Shoulder replacement. Where the patient is unable to lift the arm freely, a condition which is called pseudo-paralysis of the shoulder is identified. The overhead motion of the arm is restored and pain is relieved with a reverse shoulder replacement. In a reverse shoulder replacement, the position of the ball and socket are reversed in each other’s places.

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